Got a new website and a new blog for my wild life photographing.

It is August now the hottest time of Summer is here. I believe we are on the down hill side of Summer so we should be getting into some cooler days. The daylight is getting shorter we are loosing an hour of daylight in the morning and in the evening. So Fall will be hear before you know it. I here that Elninio is returning which is a good thing. That will mean more rain again this fall and that’s just fine with me cause the bluebonnet season will be spectaculir in the hill country again.

The pair of American Bald Eagles should be returning to Llano soon. Should be late September or early October! This will be their eight year at the nest if they do return. And of course this will be my sixth year of photographing them. I’m really looking forward for them to return again they are extraordinary birds to watch. I enjoy watching and learning about God’s little creatures you can learn something from them.

I haven’t done any photographing in the past few days, but I am going to be doing some soon! The white tail deer here in the hill country are raising up there little fawns now. And the bucks should be getting there antlers if not all ready. I do most of my photographing white tail deer at Delaware Springs here in the Burnet County.

Well it was a good past hour for the little hummers to come into the rose bed! I tried something different this evening I used my 135-400mm 1:45-5.6 apo lens. It delivered better photos for me. The f=650-1300mm 1:8-16 86mm phoenix lens was just to much for that short distance. Here’s a series of photos of a hummingbird sipping from a hummingbird feeder

In a couple of days I probably be visiting the lantana plants to photograph some beautiful butterflies. Until then happy reading……..Be sure to check out TJ’s Place for some great products.

Well it was a very beautiful weekend in Texas. A little hot but not to bad, we are cooler than normal here in July and I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s going to be really nice by the end of next week when the highs will be in the low nineties. I’ll probably be doing some photographing we got a couple of yellow roses that are fixin to bloom. So that will be a good subject for the little hummingbirds. We also have a half of dozen lantana plants that has several different species of butterflies.

I don’t really know all the species of butterflies I do know what monarchs look like and I seen one of them out there the other day. The real pretty butterflies I like are those yellow and black ones. I think they are so pretty and they make good photos as well. We have several of them that comes in to the lantanas as well.

So in a few days I will have some new photos posted to the blog. I hope all my readers enjoy my blog I’m not a very good writer but I try. I just write what’s on my heart. Anyway until the next time happy reading and leave me a comment or two. Thanks!

Well I got one of them photogenic moments this afternoon. I was sitting out on the front porch with the dog and just enjoying the warm afternoon. Wasn’t to bad with a breeze blowing through the porch. Very beautiful day indeed it was and still is. I was watching a couple of hummingbirds coming into the rose bed in our front yard! So I got to thinking I wonder if I can make it in an get my camera setup and get some photos of the hummingbirds today. Well sure enough I spent about an our in a half on the front porch photographing the hummingbirds and gotten a few good shots. Here’s a series of a pair of hummingbirds sipping nectar from the rose.

Not to bad with a digital canon eos rebel xst and a f=650-1300mm quantaray lense. The rose bed sits about 30′ to 40′ from the porch. Now here is a series of shots of a hummingbird at the rose. Like I said it was a great afternoon and I decided to get the camera out and get some shooting in. Getting very anxious to see if the American Bald Eagles come back to the nest In Llano County wich will be in late September early October.

I played with the camera settings some and set it to monochrome wich is black and white! The photos turned out pretty good. I had my lens set up on 800mm with the ISO set at 200. I believe the smaller the ISO number is faster shutter speed. That’s why it looks like the wings of the hummingbirds are almost at a stand still. I guess that’s all of the photographing today. Until next time hope all of my followers have a wonderful great day. Who knows what I will be photographing next maybe the fawns.

The little fawns

Posted: July 13, 2010 in The little fawns

It’s that time of the year again in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. That the little white tail fawns are out running around! I haven’t been out yet to view the little fawns but I am planning for one day this week. I had six does in my back yard late yesterday evening and there was a fawn with them. It was to dark to get any photos of the fawn but I enjoyed watching them. The two does where standing on their hind legs playing with one another! They look like they are 12 feet tall when they stand on their hind legs.

I’ll be getting out now more often to do some photographing on the white tail deer in the hill country area. The bucks should all ready have their horns by now I would think. So that means I will be a blogging regulary again! Sometimes I don’t know what to write about sometimes I just make something up and hope that it makes sence. I guess this will be all the news for today’s blog so maybe soon we will be posting some photos of the white tail deer. Hope all of my readers are having a wonderful day and may God bless you and your family.

I just haven’t been photographing much lately like I have been! Just been kind of one of them lazy summers. The baby mockingbirds should be learning how to fly and to catch food! So that should be an interesting subject! The pair of American bald eagles should be back at the Llano County eagles nest in September, or October! Kind of getting anxious in doing that again!

Mean time I just been doing things around the house and going to church. We planted a garden this year a small garden! It’s been a long time since we did any garden. I told mom that I wouldn’t mind doing some gardening so when it came time we got one started! I am disabled and my mother has cancer, so we wasn’t for sure if we could manhandle one! I couldn’t run a tiller so our preacher came over and tilled up the garden for us and I did the rest.

We started out with a little garden 50’x50′, and I had a picture in my head what it would look like! We got us some landscape timbers and made six 4’x8′ raised beds. We planted okra, tomatoes, greanbeans, squash, watermelon, turnips, beets, and lettuce. We had a friend from the lake to bring us in a good load of sandy soil from Tow Village. And that is the best soil for a garden in the rocky clitchy hill country.

The garden is doing great and we had very few bugs! We all ready harvested the garden a few times now. We got five water melons that are growing like crazy since we been getting some rain. I been enjoying myself out in the garden I work in it just about every day even mother helps and she’s 79 years old and her cancer is in remission. So gardening is good therapy I find it relaxing and it rejuvinates my soul! Maybe in a month or so I am thinking about adding two more 6’x16′ beds. Well that’s all for todays gardening maybe the next time I will post some photos of my handicap disabled garden. Until then enjoy life at it’s fullest moments and do some gardening.